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Stop Insurance Discrimination — SUPPORT HB1203

On Thursday, February 28, the Maryland House Economic Matters Committee will consider HB1203, a bill that would prohibit insurance companies from excluding coverage or refusing homeowner or tenant liability insurance based on the breed or size of dog you own. 

Have you ever been denied insurance coverage because of your dog?  Click here to share your story!

Currently, only two states — Pennsylvania and Michigan — have laws that prevent insurance companies from discriminating against dog owners. Let’s change the momentum, starting right here in Maryland!

Send your email to members of the House Environmental Matters committee today to support HB1203! Scroll down a bit for a copy and paste list of email addresses for the committee members

Please consider attending the February 28 hearings well. The hearing will be held 1pm in the House Office Building, corner of Bladen and College, Annapolis, Economic Matters committee room. If you wish to testify please arrive before 12:00pm to provide 40 copies of your testimony and sign the witness sheet before 12:45pm, or contact the Maryland Dog Federation for helpVisit the maryland dog federation website page for parking details and other how-to information.

House Economic Matters committee:


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