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Insurance Anti-Discrimination Bill SB296 tabled, starts a conversation

UPDATE:  2/13/2013:  Have you ever been denied insurance coverage because of your dog?  Click here to share your story! The Maryland General Assembly’s Senate Finance committee has acted on Sen. Zirkin’s insurance bill (SB 296). Instead of voting unfavorably, they opted to hold it. That’s a way to let the bill die for the year without doing anything one way or the other.

MDF president Adrianne Lefkowitz, testified in support, “we know firsthand of insurance agents with no experience in dog behavior or with inadequate knowledge of dog breed identification who make coverage determinations based on arbitrary and capricious guidelines.” 

The Finance committee is sending the Maryland Insurance Administration a letter asking them to continue to monitor the availability of insurance for dog owners. Legislation often takes more than one attempt to become law…so this is a positive development…it means the problem of insurance discrimination is now on the map for the General Assembly.

Many dog owners have difficulty finding homeowners insurance because insurance carriers discriminate against dog ownership or the type of dog we own. The federation will continue discussions with senators and delegates to identify and fix this problem in the future.  We hope Maryland will eventually join two other states — Michigan and Pennsylvania — that STOP insurance companies from excluding dog liability coverage or refusing to insure homeowners because they own a dog, or because of the breed or type of dog they own. This is  a law that every dog owner can applaud!


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