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Say YES to HB422, make Maryland the next NO-BDL state!!

Marylanders! Call and email your delegates TODAY…tell them to support HB422…legislation that will make Maryland the next state to END breed discrimination! If passed HB422 will prevent dogs from being declared dangerous by breed, type or heritage, and prevent landlords,HOAs and local governments from discriminating against dogs (and their owners) simply because of a dog’s looks.

Find out who represents you: click here.

Your polite calls and emails are needed today to your county delegates and members of the House Judiciary Committee (JUD). Is your delegate on the JUD? All the better! Nearly every member of the House agreed last year that breed discrimination should end and no dog should be declared inherently dangerous solely by breed, type, or heritage. Ask them to do it again this year by voting favorably for HB422.

Members of the House Judiciary Committee are:


Need JUD phone numbers? See below.

There are many reasons why BSL doesn’t work:

It’s expensive and resource-intensive to enforce…landlords, law enforcement, average citizens, even animal control are not breed identification experts; breed identification is arbitrary and subjective especially with mixed breed dogs…communities that have BSL are not safer…counties have behavior-specific laws that address dangerous dogs, nuisance dogs, dogs running at-large; there are few canine transgressions that are not covered by breed-neutral laws…breed is not predictive of behavior…people are being forced to choose between their beloved family pet and a roof over their head

For many years thirteen states prohibited breed bans: Texas, Oklahoma, Maine, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Minnesota, Illinois with Washington, California, Colorado, and Florida mostly prohibiting bans. In the last two years the no-BSL list has grown to include Rhode Island, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Nevada. Already this year South Dakota and Missouri have introduced legislation to prevent BSL in those states as well. Will Maryland be next? Ask your legislator to vote YES on HB422 today!

JUD Districts and Phone Numbers

Joseph Vallario, District 27A, 410-841-3488
Kathleen Dumais, District 15, 301-858-3052
Curt Anderson, District 43, 410-841-3291
Sam Arora, District 19, 301-858-3528
Jill P. Carter, District 41, 410-841-3268
Luke Clippinger, District 46, 301-858-3303
Frank Conaway, District 40, 410-841-3189
Glen Glass, District 34A, 301-858-3280
Michael Hough, District 3B, 301-858-3472
Kevin Kelly, District 1B, 301-858-3404
Susan Lee, District 16, 301 858-3649
Susan McComas, District 35B, 301-858-3272
Michael McDermott, District 38B, 301-858-3431
Neil Parrott, District 2B, 301- 858-3636
Samuel Rosenberg, District 41, 410-841-3297
Luiz Simmons, District 17, 301-858-3037
Michael Smigiel, District 36, 410-841-3555
Darren Swain, District 24, 301-858-3692
Kris Valderrama, District 26, 301-841-3210
Geraldine Valentino-Smith, District 23A, 301-858-3101
Jeffrey Waldstreicher, District 18, 301-858-3130

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